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Current Version: 2.04a

What is it?
Krown is a Classic RTS-TD game, currently in development by KKRU Studios, in which you play as the Omniscient Krown Defender, a powerful commander that has achieved his/her powers from the Ancient Krown. The Louiez, a rival kingdom, have invaded and destroyed your home kingdom of Koosh. All that remains is one island, and as the last Krown Defender, it is up to you to dig in and prevent the Louiez from taking the sacred Krown.

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Five Different Turrets To Help Stem the Invasion:
>Machine Gun Nest
>Flamethrower Nest
--Very good against infantry
>Cannon Turret
--Very good against light vehicles
>Missile Launcher
--Very good against air vehicles
>Laser Death Ray

-Prepare for war, endless waves of enemies rain through all entrances.
-Invest-able skill trees allow you to earn global buffs and become more powerful!
-Turrets wear down as they get used, keep them maintenance or they will breakdown!
-Earn experience for every game you play and level all the way to 30!
-Global Stat tracking, keeps track of all your unit kills and the totals, as well as turrets placed and games played!

-Krown Classic Mode
--An 8 entrance map, stem the Louiez invasion or be crushed underneath it.
-Krown Beast Mode
--A 16 entrance map, in which two entrances open up at a time.

What's New?

-Blimps temporarily removed, replaced with Ghost Troopers

-Added some clarification to the Turret Durability bar in-game.

-First five Trophies are now in the game and achievable.

-Experience system changes; less games more experience.

-First Time Tut popup has been disabled until the Tuts are updated

>>They can still be found in the Settings menu

-Other misc. changes

Coming Soon:
-More Trophies

-We are currently looking for artists interested in designing sprites, tile-sets, and/or HUD graphics.

-Currently all art used in Krown is considered 'placeholder'.

Krown will cost $1.00 when it is complete, but currently all Alpha access is free to the public, so hurry up and grab your Early Access copy now for FREE while you still can!

Install instructions

Run KrownSetup.exe


Play & Enjoy!!

If you encounter any bugs/errors/or other issues, please contact us on Itch.io or here at the official Krown thread on Engine001's forums.


Krown Ver2.04a Setup.exe 37 MB